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Muller EM, Dungan AM, Million WC, Eaton KR, Petrik C, Bartels E, Hall ER, Kenkel, CD (2021) Heritable variation and lack of tradeoffs suggest adaptive capacity in Acropora cervicornis despite negative synergism under climate change scenarios. (Submitted to Proc R Soc Lond [Biol])

Dungan AM, Maire J, Peres-Gonzalez A., Blackall LL, van Oppen MJH (2021) Lack of evidence for the oxidative stress theory of bleaching in the sea anemone, Exaiptasia diaphana. (Submitted to Coral Reefs)

Dungan AM, Hartman LM, Blackall LL, van Oppen MJH (2021) Assessment of a free radical scavenging bacterial consortium aimed at improving thermal tolerance in a coral model (Submitted to J. Appl. Microbiol.)

Dungan AM, Bulach D, Lin H, van Oppen MJH, Blackall LL (2021) Development of a free radical scavenging bacterial consortium to mitigate oxidative stress in cnidarians. Microb Biotechnol, 0, 1-16.

Dungan AM, van Oppen MJH, Blackall LL (2021) Short-term exposure to sterile seawater reduces bacterial community diversity in the sea anemone, Exaiptasia diaphana. Front. Mar. Sci., 7.


Dungan AM (2020). Feasibility of bacterial probiotics for mitigating coral bleaching. School of BioSciences. Melbourne, Australia, The University of Melbourne. PhD: 225.

Ng EL, Silk YL, Dungan AM, Colwell J, Ede S, Lwanga EH, Meng K, Geissen V, Blackall LL, Chen D (2020) Microplastic pollution alters forest soil microbiome. J. Hazard. Mater.,

Blackall LL, Dungan AM, Hartman LM, van Oppen MJH (2020) Probiotics for corals. Microbiol. Aust., 41(2), 100-104.

Dungan AM, Hartman LM, Tortorelli G, Belderok R, Lamb AM, Pisan L, McFadden GI, Blackall LL, van Oppen MJH (2020) Exaiptasia diaphana from the Great Barrier Reef: a valuable resource for coral symbiosis research. Symbiosis, 80, 195–206.


Dungan AM (2015) Species Specific Microcalcification in Reef Building Caribbean Corals in Ocean Acidification Conditions. Master's thesis. Nova Southeastern University. (392)

Pelletier M, Haynes JM, Dungan AM, Kroeckel J (2014). Identification of the Microbial Population found in Water Sources in and around San Salvador Island, Bahamas. Int. J. Bahamian Studies, 20(1), 27-37.

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